Trevor – A New Musical at Stage 42

Trevor - A New Musical Tickets

Stage 42 | New York City, New York

We know you've been patiently waiting to book tickets for Trevor – A New Musical, well the wait is well and truly over! Get your dancing shoes on this winter and be ready to sing your heart out to all the big hits! The Sensational Stage 42 is lucky enough to be hosting the smash hit show, right in the heart of the city you you can come and go with ease! Stick Monday 3rd January 2022 in the diary and get your tickets booked! Critics have been calling the smash hit production one of the biggest of 2022 so don't hesitate for a second longer…click 'get tickets' to book yours today!

Trevor - A New Musical at Stage 42

So many polls and surveys suggest Stage 42 in New York City, New York is a great place to be and certainly to see a stunning musical, and most call it the finest theatre for miles around, theres nothing quite like being in a welcoming environment and atmosphere! Fans have said it's the perfect spot for Trevor – A New Musical for the winter, 2022 tour this January and will thoroughly enjoy their evening in pleasant surroundings. Trevor – A New Musical seems to have resurfaced out of nowhere, it seems to be all anybody is talking about at the moment and rightly so as this musical is held in such high regard and so sought after! The family are welcome the little ones will love it! The famous musical will be in town on Monday 3rd January 2022 so now is the time to secure your seats! Click the 'get tickets' tab below to bag your tickets right away!

Trevor - A New Musical at Stage 42

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