Input the Stage 42 address seen below into Google Maps or your cars satnav to make your journey easier:

422 W 42nd Street, New York City, New York 10036

Note: Traffic in New York City around the Stage 42 is known to be busier at times of major events. Please allow plenty of time prior to your event to arrive and find a suitable parking space.

Stage 42 is located at 422 West 42nd Street between 9th Avenue and Dyer Avenue. If you are driving in rather than using a subway or metro, the venue recommends arriving no later than 45 minutes before your event’s opening time to give you time to find parking and get to your seat.

The following is a list of parking options that are close to the theatre.

  • MPG Parking – Manhattan Plaza Garage
    0.04 mi away at 427 W. 42nd St.
  • Icon Parking – Westside 42 Parking LLC Garage
    0.07 mi away at 350 W. 42nd St.
  • MPG Parking – MP 41 LLC Garage
    0.11 mi away at 475 W. 41st St.
  • Edison ParkFast – 332 W. 44th St. Garage
    0.14 mi away at 332 W. 44th St.