Trevor – A New Musical [CANCELLED] at Stage 42

Trevor - A New Musical [CANCELLED] Tickets

Stage 42 | New York City, New York

EVENT CANCELLED. Please contact your ticket point of purchase to claim a refund on your tickets.

This Saturday 5th June 2021 marks the one chance you have to experience this breathtaking show, only at the epic Stage 42 when they play host to Trevor – A New Musical live in New York City, New York. This incredible event is only around for a few weeks during their relentless schedule which takes them all over the country! Tickets to nearly every other event are already sold out, which isn’t a surprise as every single time this event is on, it’s always a capacity crowd! So make sure you clear your schedules for Saturday 5th June 2021 so you can catch Trevor – A New Musical live at the stunning Stage 42. To book your tickets now, click the Buy Tickets button below!

Trevor - A New Musical [CANCELLED] at Stage 42

Broadway is massive among many other things. You feel a part of something monumental. Lights, magic, action… simply spectacular. But there is one thing that it can’t give you as much as Off-Broadway can: an immersive experience. The main difference between the two is very simple: it is all about the size. Off-Broadway are shows that appear in front of a smaller audience. That allows for an overall more immersive experience as you are a part of a smaller audience enjoying the story these performers have to share. For example, shows like “Sleep No More”  and “Queen of the Night” are more conducive to a non-traditional house, as the action happens all around you and sometimes even includes you. And that really is a unique Saturday night, don’t you think? Buy tickets today and make yourself something extraordinary.

Trevor - A New Musical [CANCELLED] at Stage 42

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