Trevor – A New Musical at Stage 42

Trevor - A New Musical Tickets

Stage 42 | New York City, New York

The breathtaking Stage 42 is honored to announce that on Monday 25th October 2021 they will be bringing theatrical performance superstars Trevor – A New Musical to the stage for a live event! This is your only chance to see the performance sensation which has captured the hearts and imaginations fans all across the country. Critics will tell you that Trevor – A New Musical is the show to see in 2021 because of the unsurpassed passion and stunning talent they bring to every single show. Even if you have experienced Trevor – A New Musical live before then you don’t want to miss out on this premiere since it will be one for the history books! To make sure you don’t miss out, click the Buy Tickets button below and get your tickets today!

Trevor - A New Musical at Stage 42

Do you ever wonder what the difference between Broadway and Off-Broadway is? This question is one that echoes among spontaneous theatregoers and theatre devotees alike. Many believe the answer has to do with quality. But the answer lies in something very simple: it is all about the size. Although some spectacularly popular shows such as Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, In the Heights, etc. made it to to Broadway after being wildly successful Off-Broadway, many other worth-obsessing-over shows never transferred to Broadway. Shows such as “Bat Boy,” “Heathers,” “The Wild Party,” “See What I Wanna See,” and many more later becae fan favorites after their Off-Broadway shows but never appeared on the large Broadway stage. So this could potentially be your only opportunity to see Trevor – A New Musical. There’s no reason to miss on the good experiences in life when they are right there waiting for you, is there? Order your ticket now!

Trevor - A New Musical at Stage 42

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